Friday, August 15, 2008

Reporters Shot in Georgia

Here's video of Tamara Urushadze, a Georgian reporter on assignment outside Gori, who apparently takes a bullet in the arm while working a story. Anderson Cooper of CNN also had a report Thursday night of four other reporters being shot at while working in that war-torn country. One of those reporters was hit in the left eye, according to Cooper.

I was personally fortunate to spend most of my life as a journalist behind a desk. My only risky situation was being arrested in Cuba, but my life was never in danger. I have worked with a number of journalist who put their lives on the line, and I admire these hardworking, dedicated individuals who venture into the toughest spots in the world to get a story that needs to be told. The Committee to Protect Journalist says 20 journalists have been killed beacause of their work so far in 2008. We are forever in their debt.

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