Friday, August 22, 2008

So, Why Would Obama Pick Biden?

The cable networks are juicing up the anticipation that Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware will be Obama's running mate. Let's look at some of the plus and minues of such a pick.

Traditionally, a vice president doesn't have much power. His official job description is as president of the Senate, he is there primarily to break tie votes, which should not happen that often in the next two years as the Democrats should have a substantial majority. The vice president is often assigned special duties by the president, but has not executive powers whatsoever.

We all know that Biden offers the foreign policy experience. But is that what you need from a vice president? Isn't that what you need from the president?

Then there's his speaking ability. One thing about Biden, he does speak his mind. And because of that, there is plenty of ammo for McCain. Care for a doughnut?

One of the main positives about Biden would be his ability to go on the offensive. Here he is at a primary debate, hitting almost every opponent with a touch of humor in a matter of minutes. Can you imagine him in a national debate?

He has a little dance to do on his war votes. Here he is defending funding the troops in a vote where he was on the opposite side of the fence from Obama.

And there is always the famous "clean" remark:

Ironically, in a year where "change" and being a "maverick" have been a keystone of campaigns from both parties, we may have the choice of looking at names for four U.S. senators on the November ballot for president. Not much in the change department there, especially considering that the approval ratings on Capitol Hill are actually lower than those of the current president.

Here is Sen. Joe Biden on the issues. Here is his official Senate web page. He has a 75 percent rating from NARAL in 2007.

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