Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hey Olbermann, When Can I Be a Worst Person?

Keith Olbermann spent a full minute last night attacking Kevin D. Williamson of National Review Online for actually posting a comment from a reader who defended Sarah Palin's tanning bed. Most likely, the reader's major crime was using Olbermann's name. But Olbermann was stunned at the audacity of Williamson for using a reader's comment in a blog that questioned his political beliefs; surely Williamson must be the worst person in the world.

He failed to mention to his viewers (who by the way number about a half of Bill O'Reilly's) that Palin actually paid for the tanning bed herself. "She did. She paid for it with her own money," Roger Wetherell, chief communications officer of Alaska's Department of Transportation and Public Facilities told Us.

What does it matter to Olbermann if Palin bought a tanning bed? Would it also be a problem if she had a big-screen plasma TV? Why is this an issue coming from the side that keeps complaining that McCain doesn't stick to issues that matter?

But more importantly, Olbermann usually leaves his condescending remarks to his political opponents, which as a commentator is perfectly fine. He is paid to advance his political viewpoint. But usually the targets of his comments are big boys (and gals) who have the ways and means to refute his opinions if they feel it's necessary. The usual winner of his "Worst Person in the World" segment is O'Reilly, who has plenty of opportunity to defend himself on radio and TV.

Going after the real media players or big-time politicans is one thing, but to lash out at a comment posted on a blog? Gee, I allow comments on my blog, and some of them disagree with Olbermann. I better watch out, I guess I'm could be the next "Worst Person in the World."

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