Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Katie Couric's Turn to Interview Sarah Palin

CBS has announced that Katie Couric will spend two days on the campaign trail with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Sept. 28 and Sept. 29.

During that time she will conduct an exclusive interview to be broadcast on the "CBS Evening News With Katie Couric" starting on the broadcast of the 29th.

Coverage will continue on Sept. 30 on "The Early Show" and CBSNews.com.

CBS says coverage of Couric's time with Palin will include behind-the-scenes access, and with Sen. John McCain as they campaign together in battleground states.

So, first ABC, then CBS. No word on why NBC is out of the mix so far. Could it have anything to do with Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and the rest of the MSNBC's blend of politics and news?

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