Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Editor's Lament in Song for All Copy Editors, Laid Off or Not

Christopher Ave has spent his professional life filing stories to copy editors, the unsung heroes of newsrooms. Now he has put their story is sung. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch political editor has written and recorded "Copy Editor's Lament", a song in tribute to all the copy editors who have lost their jobs in the current economic chaos, as well as all the copy editor's left behind.

"In a way this song is kind of a love letter to copy editors and a mild reproach to people like me who aren't copy editors and who may not have always appreciated their work," Ave told Mallary Jean Tenore of Poynter in a phone interview. "A lot of us in journalism sort of chuckle at copy editors' slavish devotion to style, but you know what? They can really save your butt."

Here is the song.

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