Saturday, March 7, 2009

Obama's Embryonic Stem Cell Order Is Distrubing

President Barack Obama will issue an Executive Order on Monday to reverse the Bush administration's ban on the use of federal money to fund research on new embryonic stem cells.

President George Bush had permitted such research on already existing lines of embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cell research, which does not destroy human life, has been approved for more than 100 treatments, and has been used to reconstruct heart tissue, nerve tissue, a trachea, and other damaged body parts.

Nobody opposes scientific research. But what is troubling is the destruction of the embryo. Regardless of your feelings about abortion, and when you believe life begins, there is no debate in the scientific community that once an egg is fertilized, unless inhibited, it will develop into a fully developed human being.

To be honest, we do not know exactly when life begins. It would seem though that once the process is put into motion, aren't we obligated as a society to do all we can to honor that process? Are we morally responsible to protect the most vulnerable of our society?

Of course we are. My family and I have suffered from a disease that most likely might benefit from all kinds of research. But there is no guarantees that a cure can be found using this method versus using adult stem cells.

This action, from an administration that has been so concerned with our moral standing in the world, is truly disturbing.

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