Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chicago Tribune: No Number Set in Future Job Cuts

Management at the Chicago Tribune said that advertisement revenue was off by 20 percent this year and that they expect that trend to continue, but they denied a report in Crain's Chicago Business that they were looking at trimming its newsroom staff by 20 percent.

Job reductions will take place throughout the paper, not just the newsroom, Tribune publisher and chief executive officer Tony Hunter and editor Gerould Kern said in an article posted at media reporter Phil Rosenthal's Tower Ticker blog. They said that specific numbers have also not yet been determined.

"We are reorganizing the newsroom to meet our strategic goals, respond to the current economic downturn and position ourselves for success in the future," Kern said. "It would be premature to say more at this time."

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King of the Paupers said...

Jct: Too bad they don't sell ads for Chicago Community Currency they could use to pay for more employees. Oh, too bad, Chicago doesn't have an alternative currency yet. Still, it would be a great way to run a daily LETS noticeboard in the Want Ads section that could earn even more ad money. Oh, too bad, no one has started a local currency yet. The newspaper could offer on online LETS time-trading database but I'd guess they'd prefer waiting for the day when more federal money shows up. See my http://youtube.com/kingofthepaupers channel for more info on operating a Chicago timebank noticeboard.