Friday, October 23, 2009

Major Networks Refuse to Interview White House Pay Czar Until Fox Was Included in Pool

The war is heating up a bit, and yesterday there was another example of Fox News getting support from its colleagues.

The White House had set up a round of interviews for major media outlets with Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg but had excluded Fox. The Washington bureau chiefs of the five TV networks refused to interview Feinberg unless Fox News was included. In the end, the White House stepped down and allowed Fox to participate in the round of interviews.

"I'm really cheered by the other members saying "No, if Fox can't be part of it, we won't be part of it,'" Baltimore Sun TV critic (and regular Fox News detractor) David Zurawik told The Huffington Post. "What it's really about to me is the Executive Branch of the government trying to tell the press how it should behave. I mean, this democracy -- we know this -- only works with a free and unfettered press to provide information," he said.

Meanwhile, here are some more viewpoints of the continuing battle between the White House and Fox News. First, POLITICO reporters weigh in:

Media Matters, a left-leaning media group, offers these opinions:

Jim Rutenberg of The New York Times gives a primer on the background of this war.

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