Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blog or No Blog, Olbermann's Taking a Beating

I've been struggling with my health lately, so I'm behind the times on this note (and the whole blog actually). But I thought I'd share this.

Here's Keith Olbermann defending his ratings last week:

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Olbermann doesn't have nice things to say about blogs, and the people who use them to gather information for their own publications. I must say I'm guilty of that, as I have a regular job, a family and not much time to make independent phone calls to sources. I just don't get paid for this.

But Olbermann does. The funny thing about his show is that it's usually just a rehash of the Daily Kos. Basically, I've stopped watching Olbermann because I have usually read most of the materials hours ago ... on a blog.

Be that as it may, here's the latest cable news ratings, from (I'm sorry ... the blog TV Newser).

If you look at them, Olbermann is having his lunch served to him in both the 25-54 demographic and the total viewer demographic. Now, I know it's a blog, but the source cited is Nielsen.

In January, Olbermann fell behind Nancy Grace! The numbers were as follows: The O’Reilly Factor Fox News 983,000; Nancy Grace Headline News 282,000; Countdown With Keith Olbermann MSNBC 263,000; Campbell Brown CNN 233,000.

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