Thursday, August 7, 2008

Farve Trade Is the Biggest NY Sports Story of 2008 ... Almost

Living in eastern Pennsylvania, I often miss the New York sports scene, and the media frenzy anytime something good or bad happens. So when I need a fix, I turn to WFAN, point my car to the northeast, and hope that the atmospherics will help me get a signal.

This morning, I got to listen to Craig Carton. And in his usual excited style, he pronounced that this trade was the biggest sports story in New York this year. It went something like this...

"This is the biggest thing to happen in the New York sports scene this year. No. 2 would be Willie Randolph being fired. Yup, Farve trade No. 1, Willie Randolph No. 2. (Then a five second pause) Oh, looking back at the calendar.... Giants winning the Super Bowl is No. 1, Farve No. 2, Randolph No. 3."

As a member of the New York media for 25 years, I was always amused on our short memories. In New York, as elsewhere, it's the "now" that matter. I just got a chuckle at how a Super Bowl upset win just eight months ago is now ancient history.

By the way, I'm a Bills fan. This move by the Jets just made my fall Sundays a little tougher. I just have to hope the Bills secondary can pad their interception stats.

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