Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Newspapers Laid Off at Least 2,505 People in July; 2009 Total Reaches 13,000

News Cycle counts 2,505 employees being laid off from newspapers in the United States in the month of July. This figure pushes the annual total to about 13,000 newspapers employees having lost their jobs.

It was the second most difficult month this year (only March had a larger number), and was fueled by a large cut by the Gannett chain and an outsourcing of distribution operations by the Orange County Register in California.

Email me to report any job cuts in the newspaper industry.

July 31: The New Mexican of Santa Fe, N.M., 12 people.
July 31: The Register Citizen of Torrington, Conn., 27 people.
July 29: Orange County Register, 919 people as the Santa Ana, Calif.,-based newspaper contracts its delivery operations out to the Los Angeles Times.
July 28: Milwaukee Journal, 37 people.
July 27: The News & Observer of Raleigh, N.C., 10 people.
July 22: The Loudoun Easterner, of Sterling, Va., ceases publication. The number of employees who lost their jobs was not released by its owners, Landmark Communications Inc.
July 21: The Portland (Ore.) Tribune, two people.
July 15: The Contra Costa Times of Walnut Creek, Calif., Oakland Tribune and Tri-Valley Herald of Pleasanton, Calif., 17 people.
July 10: Claremont (N.H.) Eagle Times, 120 people.
July 8: Albany (N.Y.) Times Union, 18 people.
July 8: Bay State Banner in Boston suspends publication, 12 people.
July 2: Gannett Co. Inc., 1,331 people, according to

Here are News Cycle's month-by-month lists of newspaper job cuts this year:

December -- 752 people.
November -- 293 people.
October -- 375 people.
September -- 347 people.
August -- 425 people.
July -- 2,505 people.
June -- 318 people.
May -- 1,084 people.
April -- 1,350 people.
March -- 3,943 people.
February -- 1,492 people.
January -- 2,256 people.

Email me to report any job cuts in the newspaper industry.

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