Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Once Again, Newspaper Layoffs Ease in October

Newspapers in the United States reported that they dismissed 375 people from their jobs in the month of October. It's the third consecutive month that the reported number of newspaper employees losing their jobs has been below 425 people.

The biggest cut came from The New York Times, which reported that it would let go 100 people.

The slowdown in newspaper job losses comes at a time when there are postive signs in advertising revenue. For instance, Times Co. president and chief executive Janet Robinson told Chris Lefkow of Agence France Presse that, "We have seen encouraging signs of improvement in the overall economy and in discussions with our advertisers. Early in the fourth quarter, print advertising trends, in comparison to the third quarter, have improved modestly, while digital advertising trends are improving more significantly."

Here is the list for October:

Oct. 29: The Wall Street Journal, nine people as the Boston bureau is closed.
Oct. 21: The Midwest City (Okla.) Sun ceases publication. The twice weekly will lay off 10 people.
Oct. 20: Los Angeles Times, at least 30 people.
Oct. 19: The New York Times, 100 newsroom employees.
Oct. 19: The Press-Enterprise of Riverside, Calif., at least 40 employees, 16 from the newsroom.
Oct. 18: now reports 1,514 people laid off from Gannett publications this year. This is 40 more than the Sept. 9 posting.
Oct. 16: La Frontera of McAllen, Texas, ceases publication. The number of employees laid off here was not released by Valley Freedom Newspapers, the chain has said 70 people have been laid off in the past 18 months.
Oct. 13: The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., 50 people.
Oct. 12: The Modesto (Calif.) Bee, seven people.
Oct. 2: The Decatur (Ala.) Daily, 19 people.

Here are News Cycle's month-by-month lists of newspaper job cuts this year:

December -- 752 people.
November -- 293 people.
October -- 375 people.
September -- 347 people.
August -- 425 people.
July -- 2,505 people.
June -- 318 people.
May -- 1,084 people.
April -- 1,350 people.
March -- 3,943 people.
February -- 1,492 people.
January -- 2,256 people.

Email me to report any job cuts in the newspaper industry.

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